Chapi Chapo

Chapi and Chapo, the legendary duo with the giant-rimmed hats are back with a whirlwind of fun and adventures packed full of surprises!

Let us take you to a vast universe scattered with magical coloured blocks. It’s home to Chapi and her brother Chapo, a dynamic duo whose wild imaginations always lead to fun and laughter – whatever the situation!

Over the course of their journeys into exciting new worlds, the duo’s eagerness to explore often lands them in sticky situations. But thankfully, when it comes to creating new adventures or making new friends, Chapi and Chapo have more than one trick up their sleeve!

Fiche Technique

  • Status : Développement en cours
  • Production : Moving Puppet
  • Format : 78 x 7'
  • Target Audience : 3/6 ans (mixte)