Gorg & Lala

Dive into the outrageous adventures of Gorg & Lala (and the Jerrys!) in this completely off-beat sitcom cartoon!

Young and in love, Gorg and Lala have just settled in Jerrycity, aspiring to a quiet, enjoyable life… Little do they know what lies in store! Living amongst all of these Jerrys—the utterly wacky, intrusive and exacerbating inhabitants of the Jerryland region—is no picnic! Whether it’s delivery boys, psychopaths, super heroes or cheerleaders, the Jerrys are about to turn Gorg and Lala’s humdrum existence into something extraordinary!

Fiche Technique

  • Status : Production terminée
  • Distributeur : Dandelooo
  • Production : Moving Puppet/Canal+
  • Année de production : 2009/2012
  • Format : 90 x 7'30 (4 saisons) + 1 spécial Noël de 32'
  • Cible : 8-10 ans & famille
  • Diffuseur : Canal+ Family/Canal+