Moving Puppet is a french production company specialized in children oriented shows that combine puppets, 2D and 3D animation, real time and stop motion. Innovation and new experimental technique are at the core of each of our projects. Ever since our foundation in 2006  we have puppeteered our creation, breathing life and emotion into all our characters, no matter their fabric. In the Moving Puppet Universe (dare we call it the MPU), one can find a Tale telling Yeti, a gentle yellow monster – whom enjoys doodling, a cosmic talking dog and many more creatures…

Original, innovative and 100% french original programs

Our heart is beating for the puppetry arts ! In the continuity of Yeti Tales, Doodleboo, Gorg & Lala, or Chris & Mas, Moving Puppet is creating kind-hearted series for childen (and parents !) by relying on its unique know-how in France : hybrid animation. Our atypical characters could not exist in any other shape, or under any other type of animation. It is their physical materialization – in real time – manipulated by our puppeteers, that give them all their identity and shapes them into real characters. They are bound to take real life on the set, with other puppets or actors that pierce the screen thanks to the authenticity and expressivity of their movements. Numerous craftsmen collaborate to conceive our projects : sculptors, model makers, painters, tailors, mechanics…

Innovation at the very heart of the Moving Puppet adventure

Puppets are entering Cyber-Space ! Ours is not a static art, indeed motion is very much at the core of puppetry. For that reason, we have developped new ways to weive several kinds of motions together in the frame to complement our craftsmanship. Several techniques, from motion capture to real time rendering allow Moving Puppet to keep the cherished authenticity of the Puppets’ movements and carry it onto digital characters ! It is but one of the many sectors into which Moving Puppet is currently investing with the objective of innovating in the creation of new images and the creation of new production processes. It is thanks to our specialists, that work directly in our workshop that we have the ability to conduct these experiments, which require both technical ingenuity and creativity. It is their deep knowledge of every stage of production, from design to on-set manipulation that allow us to travel on new grounds of experimentation while keeping a strong hold on traditional techniques. 

Moving Puppet, the french specialist for on-screen puppetry

Béret and baguette for the French Puppet ! Moving Puppet rallies many of the greatest french puppetry talents. Moving Puppet keeps investing in Research and Development and into training their future contributors. We work to establish strong and durable bonds with our collaborators that we work with on the long term. Our approach – unique in France – to the production of animation allow us to create colorful and original programs.



Our hidden lair and creative laboratory the workshop  – located in Paris (18th district) – is the place where all our creations take shape. The Moving Puppet Workshop is the French specialist of characters in volume for professional use. We can create your character for any project be it : an original show, a co-produced show, a commercial, events or amusement parks, television or cinema, our artists and technicians take care of all the stages of conception of our characters and professional puppets : from Design, to Manufacturing up until Manipulation.



Friends authors, artists, puppeteers, animators, this is the place where you can research our various work offers and internships. 


    189 Rue d’Aubervilliers – 75018 Paris

    Téléphone : +33 01 80 88 66 66